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October 25, 2011

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Mike and Sarah-Lyn for a Beloved session. It was everything a Beloved session should be! Light, happy, playful, fun, sweet, romantic, loving, beautiful.. I could go on! It made my heart so happy to see them having so much fun together and connecting on so many levels. Thanks to both of you for giving me a little glimpse into your happiness :) Enjoy!

“Working with Naomi was a fantastic experience! My partner and I loved the photo shoot and had so much fun doing it. It felt so natural and was very romantic. I would highly recommend Naomi to any couple or family who want to have beautiful, intimate, long-lasting photo memories to cherish forever. I know we will!” – Sarah-Lyn

‘Beloved’ is the new, heart-centered genre of photography that’s sweeping the world.

Beloved is Honest. Happy. Passionate. Joyful. Pure. Loving. Whimsical. Beautiful.

A Beloved Experience is not just a photo session. It is all about giving two people the space to re-connect and re-discover their relationship in fun and playful ways. It’s a time to let go and just “be”. Think of it as a fun date that just happens to be photographed.

In this fast paced world, it’s rare to take a moment to stop and appreciate what you have and truly take it all in. What you’ll find is something beautiful, powerful, and moving. It is an opportunity to explore and discover what you know already exists in your heart but that you rarely let come to the surface. Beloved gives normal people the power to see, feel, hear, touch, and experience love in its truest form.

The Beloved Experience is for any 2 people who are in a committed relationship. You could be a newly married couple or a couple celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Choose to celebrate your love and take part in this beautiful experience that will bring you closer on a whole new level.

During your experience, Naomi will be capturing still photographs as well as video footage that will be produced into a slideshow which will come alive on your screen. The beloved experience is a remembrance of what is most important. It is a celebration of love.

Click here to start exploring your beloved experience.

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Laura Cottril: Just soulful and stunningly beautiful. Every bit. The tender playful relationship photographed in a beautiful fall forest in delicate light. And serenaded beautifully like a movie soundtrack. Perfect! Love love love!

Em: gorgeous people, great photography. Sarah Lyn, you're glowing!

Sarah-Lyn: Thanks Em!! Naomi was fantastic, great questions ... we couldn't stop laughing! :D

Lynn: That was absolutely beautiful! What a fantastic keepsake. It's fantastic to see you both so happy.

Kathryn: Sarah-Lyn and Mike are my favourite couple. This photo montage captures why: they are so loving, so sweet, so adventurous and playful. The tenderness was captured perfectly!

Simone: This was precious to watch! So sweet. You two are one of the loveliest couples I know. Kudos to the photographer for capturing their relationship so well!

Lynn: What a beautiful piece of work and a beautiful keepsake! A beautiful couple too but I'm very biased. Lovely!

Reshma: What an absolutely gorgeous couple in a stunning location ! Naomi's captured the love & emotional intimacy in a soulful way and thats rare. Great work Naomi and for the couple wishing you more bliss.

Christina: Amazing photos! So beautiful and loving.

Sarah-Lyn: Thank you everyone :)

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